Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big News! has been a LONG time since I posted on this blog.  I think I needed some time away, and while I miss blogging, I'm not ready to say I'm going to dive back in.  With that being said, there have been many changes in our lives during the past few weeks and in turn, there will be many changes here on this blog.

I've started writing several times about all these changes and I never can get them all out, the delete button is worn out and I know I will never have the perfect words to express my awe of Him and His plans, so here goes...

If it be God's will and as far as we know...we will be bringing a baby into our home in 2-4 weeks!

There is a very brave woman who only wants the best for her children who is due in a few weeks and has asked us if we would like to pursue an independent, semi-open adoption.  We have met with this wonderful woman two times now and talked on the phone several times.  We have met with an attorney.  The papers are all ready to go.  A crib has been assembled and our homestudy has been changed.  And now we wait.

I hope to go back in time and write individual posts about all of this journey, but everything started happening so quickly, I just haven't had the time!  In a matter of days, we went from thinking that we may be adopting an almost 2 yr old little girl from Korea sometime in the next two years to bringing home an infant boy through a domestic adoption in a matter of weeks!

What will this do for us and Korea?  Well, at the very least, it will put it on hold and we are seeking God as to when we should (or even could) pursue an international adoption again at some point.

Just to give you a little hint as to how God has had his hand in all of this, I wanted to share this little "God wink".  January 14, 2011 we signed our very first piece of adoption paperwork.  January 14, 2012, one year to the day later, we met "A" the very brave birthmom I mentioned earlier.

Again, I hope to share details soon...or at least the details we feel comfortable sharing at this point.

As for now, pray for "A" as she is going through a lot of stressful situations right now and we want to cover her in prayer.  Also pray for the birthfather.  Pray for Ben and I as we are preparing to be parents to a newborn again (something we thought would never happen...but are SO thrilled that it is), pray for Ethan as he is noticing changes around our home and wanting to know more about this baby.  Pray we have the right words for him to understand.  Pray that everything that needs to happen legally runs smoothly and the process is peaceful and healing for all parties involved.

Thank you all who are now reading this, for hanging in there with us through all these changes and for the prayers!!!