Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why Noonday Collection?

I have fallen totally in love with Noonday Collection.  In so many ways in love.  They provide good, sustainable income to women and families globally, they partner with International Justice Mission, they were founded by an adoptive mama and support adoptions through fundraisers....I could go on and on.  But instead, read what some of my favorite women online has to say about Noonday.  They spent time in Rwanda last week meeting our artisans, hearing their stories, and learning about IJM.

Jen Hatmaker writes, 
The partnership of justice and economic empowerment is so strong, so extraordinary, it is fundamentally transforming not only precious lives but entire systems, whole communities. It is changing the conversation from hopelessness to strength, surviving to thriving.

But, you really need to read her whole post here.

When preparing for the trip, Jennie Allen wrote, "I’ve been on several international trips and told a lot of stories, but I have never taken a trip like this. We are telling happy stories. And designing jewelry. And making new friends. And dreaming together. In Rwanda."

Rachel Meyers of She Reads Truth tells Teresa's story so well.

There are so many stories worth reading about this #styleforjustice trip.  Please take the time to read if you have it.  Maybe it will help you understand why I love this company so much.