Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just a Little Update

Craziness.  That about sums it up :)  Every time life gets a little stressful, I feel the need to vent...I mean write here.  So, here is just a little update about our life this summer.

We have been trying to sell our house and move to a neighboring city.  My husband works there, we go to church there, our local homeschool co-op is there, it is more central to my clients, and we are really feeling led to be closer to our church and be more involved.  Pray for us. This is proving more difficult than we thought.  Long story short- we decided to buy another home before ours sells.  We have made offers on 2 different homes and neither one has worked out, but for two different reasons.  We are looking again tomorrow in the hopes of finding our future home.

Ethan started 1st grade on August 1st.  I really could just go on and on about how much I love homeschooling.  We are using A Beka this year and so far, so good. 

I started the Stillbirthday SBD Doula training and am currently in week 2.  I love this class and am beyond excited to be a trained birth and bereavement doula in 6 more weeks! 

I just registered for the Created for Care Conference in March!  Eeeek!  I'm so excited!  I had to stay up way later than I usually do to get registered because it opened at midnight last night and all 900 tickets for the February and March retreats sold out in a record 8 hours!!!  I'm going with a dear friend and so excited to make new ones as well!

Ethan joined a homeschool co-op and wants to run cross country and track this year.  I'm so happy for him.  At night we always talk about our favorite parts of the day.  The past two days, he has stated "doing school" was his favorite part :)

Ellie is now 9 months old and doing fabulously!  She is still struggling with a little low muscle tone and not really liking being on her stomach at all still, but is lifting herself well and I can tell she wants to crawl/walk so bad!  Ethan is still head over heels for her and she for him.  They amaze me with their love for each other!

I will be going to Denver part of next week and am a little nervous.  It's the first time I will be gone overnight from Ellie.  I think she will be fine, but I'm having a hard time thinking about it :(  It's for work and I get to learn more about I can help adoptive families and I am excited about it, but, I can't pretend like I'm a little sad about being away from my kiddos.  Even if it is only for three days.

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Sherry said...

Mattie, it is truly an honor to have found you and read about the wonderful things you have done! I just saw that you followed my blog, but I don't know when you started. You may know from reading my story that I LOVE your name, and you seem to be exactly the kind of person that I would hope the owner of such a name would be. You are an inspiration to me as we learn to grieve from the loss of our little Mattie!