Monday, May 24, 2010

Decoration Day

We decorated the cemetary where most of my family is buried this weekend.

Including Shyla.

I worked on her flowers for about a hour and a half before we went to the cemetary and I think they turned out pretty.  I was afraid the arrangement would be too little...but now I think it is almost too big.  I forget how small her little rock is.

While making her arrangement, I blistered my right hand from using the wire cutters so much and blistered my left hand from hot glue gun burns.  It was tedious work.  And I loved it. 
There is not much in this world I get to toil over for her.  But flowers I can.  And I can add all those personal touches. 

 Like a little dragonfly

This is the back of her stone. 

And here is the family. 

All of us. 


I love this pink dragonfly windchime I just happened to find.



Just like her.

This day was special.  It was one of those rare days where I could spend time, money and energy on her and it was acceptable by the general population.  That's not to say I don't spend much energy and time thinking about her and doing things in her memory often.  It was just accepted today as normal.  I was there in that cemetary, like so many others will be over the next week, grieving.

My prayers are with you mothers who will venture out to the cemetaries to decorate for your babies and other loved ones this week.  May your time there be peaceful and may you feel God's comfort closer than ever. 


Karin said...

The flowers are beautiful! And I love the family photo.

Stephanie said...

It is breath taking. You put such love into those flowers!

Heather said...

Simply beautiful!

Jill said...

Such beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

the flowers are beautiful. I love the flowers you have chosen.

Kristi said...

The flowers beautiful, you did an amazing job!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh her flowers are so beautiful! You did such a great job!!!!

Jaime said...

Aww, showered with flowers! What a beautiful arrangement!


Lori said...

The flowers truly showed every bit of love you gave to them. Where she and your family buried looks like such a peaceful serene place!!


shineliketheSon said...

Your sweet girls flowers take my breath away!!! Such love poured into them, you can see it, feel it. The family photo is precious. I can tell how loved your lil girl is. So very loved. *tear*