Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gifts of (and for) Hope

A very sweet blogging friend and fellow loss mom, Lori, sent me a very sweet card a few weeks ago and with it a gift.  Without sharing all of her story, Lori and her husband were pursuing adoption and the country they were adopting from closed, leaving them feeling the loss of a child they never knew.  They were trying to adopt a baby girl and had bought her gifts and were preparing their home for their addition.  After the adoption fell through, they went on to have a beautiful little boy that went to Heaven and now have a bouncing baby boy who is just SO precious!

Anyway, Lori sent me this precious little card and a gift they had bought with much hope for the little girl they were trying to adopt and wanted to pass it along to our Hope.  A little girl who will be brought into our family with much Hope and love!

Thank you Lori, you are such an inspiration!


Holly said...

How wonderful and so kind for Lori to send you that

Ashley said...


amiracle4us said...

so sweet :)

Jessica said...

what a beautiful necklace!