Thursday, May 5, 2011

Women of Faith - Eyes that Know (Meeting Angie)

On Saturday, Kelly had been emailing Angie back and forth and they decided the best way to get to meet her would be at the book signing at the end of the day.  We left the last session a little early so we could go to the section where she would be.  We stood in line and talked while waiting and then the line started to move. 

As soon as it was Kelly's turn, she said, "I'm Kelly from Sufficient Grace Ministries..." and Angie let out a huge squeal and gave her a hug.  Then one-by-one we took turns stepping up and hugging Angie.  Each of us told her a little of our story and she looked at us with eyes of a mother who is not feeling sorry for us, but eyes of compassion.  Eyes of a mother who knows.

Angie and I hugging.

Angie meeting Holly and Lainey. 

Angie said, "I never get to see my blog reader's boobs!"

Listening to our stories and seeing the compassion in her eyes.

I wasn't going to share this one...Angie says she looks like a deranged gopher when she cries...apparently I look like one when I laugh...BUT I just had to share this moment.  She is so funny!

Talking with Angie.

Angie signing my copy of "I Will Carry You".

Group Photo!
 Security was urging us to hurry on or we would have stayed there all day talking and sharing with her.  They kept reminding her she had a plane to catch and we knew that too.  She was talking with us and said, "Next time, we will meet at the hotel for coffee in our PJs!"

It was a great experience, but sadly, it signaled the end of our weekend as well. We grabbed some more group photos, said a prayer and parted ways.

This awesome group of ladies represents so much hurt but so much HEALING.
Miscarraige, stillbirth, fatal dianosis, rainbows, death of older children, organ donation, strained marraiges.
Healing hearts, grace, grace and more grace.  Hope.  Joy.  Peace.

And how thankful am I for eyes that know and voices that speak.

I love you ladies.  I know I did not get to spend much time with many of you in this photo, but you have touched me.  Thank you for accepting me as part of your group and as a sister.

After we left the arena, Erin, Holly, Amber, Lainey and I decided we should get dinner before heading back to our homes.  We stopped at Ol.ive Garden and had a great dinner (and dessert) and talked the evening away.  It was dark by the time we left the restaurant and Erin offerred to open her home to me another night so I did not have to drive 5 hours home that late.  We got back to Erin;s house and we all sat in Holly's van for a long time before we decided we should go in.  Holly and Amber decided they should spend another night too.  We stayed up way too late talking and the next morning I headed home.

It was a beautiful weekend and I am so thankful I went and so thankful for seeing more eyes that know.


Andrea said...

It sounds like you had an amazing, beautiful, heartfelt time and I am so happy that you had such a wonderful experience! I'm smiling a huge smile just thinking of how happy and blessed you feel!! <3

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

HeeHee...I love that you put Angie's quote about Holly's boobs. =) And, you are just as beautiful laughing as Angie is crying! That group of women does really represent a great deal of hurting...but even more, HEALING, as you said. It was such a precious time. I have much more to blog about as well...when I get a few minutes.

You are all beautiful, and it was a great privilege to spend that precious time with you. Can't wait to do it again!

Much love...

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Eyes of that know...that was a great way to say it....and we were surrounded by those eyes last weekend weren't we? Maybe that's just the smallest taste of what heaven will be like.

Tiffany said...

This is so wonderful! I absolutely love how the body of Christ can function and how blogging has brought sisters in Christ together. Beautiful post.

Be Blessed.

Malory said...

That sounds like an AMAZING time. So happy you all got to do that!

Stephanie said...

What a blessing for all of you!

Holly said...

What a great weekend and I'm so ready to do it all over again!!! Meeting Angie was such a great highlight over the weekend! And meeting you was even better!

Anonymous said...

This sounds absolutely amazing! I am so glad you all got to do this.