Friday, April 20, 2012

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Last Friday night was family night and we pulled out our "couch-bed" as Ethan calls it and made popcorn.

Saturday morning, we attended our first ever storage auction.  You know, when units are not paid for in three months they have a big auction to clear out those units.  They open the door, give you 5 minutes to look around (without going in) then start the bidding.  Ben has been in the auction game for years now, but this was our first storage auction.  Yes, we bought a unit.  The best find was probably some of the furniture in our unit.  The worst find was a dead mouse (iickkkk!!!) and the saddest was someones baby book.  It was interesting to say the least and now we wait and see if we can make any money on our unit!

We stopped at an awesome little hole in the wall restaurant I used to eat at as a kid and has some great calzones.

We then took Ethan to the historical Stearns Coal and Timber Co. Railroad station.

We learned a lot about coal and railroads and an area not very far from where we live.  The train ride and exploring the abandoned coal mining town took about three hours and it was so much fun.

Ben, being the fisherman that he is, knew some beautiful areas we could go for a picnic supper.  This was our view for supper...

Of course, the boys had to get a little fishing in too.

We drove a little closer to home and had to stop at one more place to fish and take a few family pics with my actual camera.

Later in the weekend, I had to get ready for a speaking engagement I had scheduled for the week about the Christian's response to child abuse and neglect.  April is child abuse prevention month if you didn't know.

Ethan had a dental cleaning on Monday. He loves going to the dentist and he did great!

Ben gave blood this week.  I'm really proud of this guy, he gives blood every time they allow him to.

I got this lovely gift from the ladies I spoke to regarding child abuse prevention.

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