Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm linking up today with Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday.  Join in too, wont you?  Write for five minutes flat, don't edit, don't worry, just write!  Today's topic is dance.  GO!

How could we have known what the dance that began on the day in this photo would be like?  The music sweet and playful to begin with would have suited a jitterbug then turned to the quickstep within a year and a half when we welcomed our first child. 

How could we have anticipated the change in tempo and tone when we lost our sweet daughter.  Our dance more like a slow, heavy waltz.  Our steps beautifully broken with the sacred tears of grief.  Even still the tempo held in the low, slow melody when we buried our third child.

With hope the music changed yet again and we picked up our feet in anticipation of the change approaching.  Change it did, just not what we expected.  We adjusted our steps and danced on.

How could we have prepared ourselves, almost seven years ago, when we began this dance what it would be like.  There have been times when it felt our dancing shoes didn't fit right, steps that felt out of place and awkward while others flowed naturallly and purposeful.

While I can't say I would have choreographed it the same, if I had a choice, I know one thing's for sure...I wouldn't trade my partner for the world...

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Nancy said...

Oh,Precious child of God, His rhythms are sometimes hard to follow. But, you are staying true to the rhythm He gives you. He is gracious, and you are His beloved. Dance on, sweet girl, dance on.