Monday, April 22, 2013

Aaaannd....I'm back...

After taking several months off from blogging, declaring my blog private, and then regretting both, I've decided to blog publicly once again.  This is happening for many reasons, but mainly, we have been greatly blessed and greatly comforted.  We need to share the story of our great blessings and comfort others with the same comfort we have received.

For today, just a quick update, but I promise to tell more of or daughter's wonderful adoption story soon and make some changes and updates on the blog. 

Our daughter is now 5 and a half months old (say what!?!) and is doing amazing.  After a few different attempts at nicknames she goes by a few different ones, but the one I like best is Ellie.  It is taken from a part of her first name (which I wont be sharing on this blog). 

And, she is adorable. See:

I will be sharing more of our amazing journey and of our family soon :) 

Have a great week!

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