Thursday, April 25, 2013

There is PINK in my Dryer!

On Friday, November 9, I woke up at 4:00am with a stiff neck and I just couldn't sleep.  I did my daily Bible reading and decided to check my email. 

Lot's of junk email, as always, then I saw an email from our agency regarding a little girl born several states away three days ago that was in need of a family.  She was Native American and had a long list of possible "special needs" and health concerns.  The agency director said she would be in the office at 8:00am and if anyone was home study ready and interested could call her for more information. 

Ben was up preparing for a weekend hunting trip in the other room and I walked up to him and said, "Hey, you want to go to North Dakota this weekend?"  Half smiling, he said, "Whyyyyy?"  I told him about this little girl and that I wasn't even sure we would qualify, but if he was alright with me looking into it.  He was completely excited and told me to make the call.

At 7:59 that morning I called our agency, but I had to leave a message.  I waited ten minutes and called her again.  She answered the phone and said she was just about to call me back.  She gave me the placing agency director's name and number and a little more info on the baby.  She encouraged me to call and said she would help with any details we needed.  I called the placement agency right away and had to leave a message.  The next two hours I paced a lot.  I had a feeling I should be packing my bags.

Around 10:00am the placing agency director called me back and talked about the diagnosis. (I wont go into too many details on the blog because part of my daughter's story is HER story to share.  So sorry for being vague, but let's just say at this point, I believe God put my blinders on and nothing the director told me scared me at all.)  She emailed me a photo of this sweet baby girl waiting for a family in a NICU hundreds of miles away.

The first time I saw Ellie's sweet face!

I took one look at this sweet face and thought, "She is not what they say she is."  I asked the placement agency what next, how do we know if we have been chosen to be this little girl's family.  She paused for a second and said, "Well, at this point it is up to you..."  Due to the unique situation (again, sorry for not more specific details) this child was in need of immediate placement and if we chose to move forward, we would need to be on a plane tomorrow.

I had been trying to make all these calls from my bedroom, away from Ethan's little ears, but before I knew it he ran into the room and took one look at the laptop and said, "That is our baby!  When are you going to go get her?"  I told him that yes, this little baby was in need of a family and we might be it, but we were still talking about it.

I called Ben and told him what was going on.  He was working on transporting prisoners all over the state this day and was currently almost 3 hours away.  We prayed over the phone and he told me to start packing our suitcases and working out the details!

The next couple of hours were spent making phone calls, working out the details, booking plane tickets and packing our bags.  It was crazy!  I was on the phone with Ben and trying to figure out when he would be back in town.  We found out one document that needed to be updated and we needed to get to someplace to overnight our check with the total amount of the adoption expenses to the agency.  As soon as Ben got back into town, we drove 1 hour and a half away and did those two things.  We ate our last dinner as a family of three and stopped by a store to purchase some newborn baby girl clothes, bottles and basics.

We got home late and I nervously took the tags off the clothing and washed and dried them and stayed up wayyyy too late getting ready for the next day. 

I even instagrammed, "There is PINK in my dryer yall!"
After our bags were packed for the trip and Ethan's bag's were packed for an unknown amount of time at his Nana's I finally laid down and tried to sleep a little bit. It was really hard though, thinking I would be meeting my daughter the next day!

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