Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coming Home

We got up the morning of November 21 and prepared for checkout.  We packed up all our bags and placed them by the door. We grabbed some breakfast in the kitchen of the RMH and we waited for the call.

And waited.

Then, at around 10:30am, we were notified that our ICPC had been approved and we could come home!  We printed our boarding passes in the RMH offices and were on our way to the airport in Fargo!

But we had to get a picture with this guy first!

We returned our rental car and checked our luggage and were waiting in security before we knew it!

I kept Ellie in the wrap pretty much the whole time and she slept wonderfully on our first flight. 

Flying from Fargo to Minneapolis.

Took her out to feed her, but she fell back asleep.

We had enough time at the airport to grab some lunch and change her diaper before our flight from Minneapolis to Louisville.

By the way, this is what a tray looks like when you travel with a newborn :) 

At one point in time, Ellie had been sleeping on me and I laid her down and noticed this dragonfly imprint on her cheek.  I had forgotten I was wearing that necklace for a split second and it caught me off guard.  It is just kisses from her sister...
Our wonderful friends met us in Louisville and drove us to the Lexington airport, where our car was.

We made it home around 11:30 the night before Thanksgiving.  Ethan was so excited to get to meet his sister, he hadn't slept yet.  He knew we were on our way and didn't want to be asleep when we got to my Mom's.
When we pulled up to my Mom's house and got out of the van, we could hear him yelling inside the house, "They're here!!! Praise God!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!" at the top of his lungs!
He was in awe of her and loved her from the minute he saw her.

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