Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fargo Bound!

Our last day in Bismarck led to our first day in Fargo.  As we waited for the ICPC to pass and get the all clear to leave the state, a few things happened that made our agency contact encourage us to head to Fargo and wait.  We got a rental car and drove the three hours to Fargo where there was a room waiting for us at the Ronald McDonald House (have I mentioned how much I LOVE them?)
The roads are long, straight, and flat there!

She didn't mind the car seat at all and slept most of the way.

We had to stop once and change her diaper and give her a bottle.

Still feeling like this wasn't real.

We got to meet up again with my blog friend and have dinner with her and her family in Fargo.

Then, the re-pack of all our luggage!  We left Bismarck quicker than we expected and kind of packed in a hurry.  So, before we could fly, we needed to re-pack our bags to be best suited for flying home.  We still hadn't heard when that would be, but we were praying for the next day.

The RMH had just put up their first Christmas tree and we couldn't help but snap a picture there.

A friend of ours in Kentucky had been updating everyone on her friends list on FB about our crazy journey trying to get to North Dakota and had posted a request for her friends to pray we would get home before Thanksgiving (just our own personal wish and so that we weren't there waiting through the holidays for the ICPC to pass).  Some one she barely knew contacted her and said he wanted to get us home.  He said he was an international businessman and had lots of Sky Miles saved up he wanted to cash in and get us home.  We hadn't received approval yet, but he insisted that if we didn't book them tonight, we would never be able to get tickets the next day.  We warned him that we might have to cancel if he booked, but he wanted to anyway.

He called the airlines and they said that the day before Thanksgiving was the only blackout day of the year he couldn't use Sky Miles.  He explained the situation and they allowed it!  He booked our tickets home and said he was praying for us.  We got an email with our boarding passes and that was it!  As long as we got ICPC approval the next morning, we were going to be on a plane home at 1:00!

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