Saturday, July 10, 2010

Special Lady

Yesterday was a very special birthday for a very special lady.

It was my grandmother's 80th birthday!

She is such an amazing lady.  I grew up living next door to her and spent many afternoons and summers at her house.  She used to own a Hal.mark store and I remember playing behind the counters and up and down the aisles.  She still remembers to send everyone a card on their birthday, anniversary, wedding day, graduation, baby name it.  I have always felt a special bond with her.  Maybe it's because we share the same middle name, or the fact that she is just awesome.  

She was there in the middle of the night when my mom's beeper would go off (Mom worked for the Cabinet for Families and Children) and mom would have to leave to do an investigation.  She has always been there for me...and all of her grandkids and her great-grandkids. 

She sat two seats down from me at Shyla's funeral and brought me one of my Grandpa's handkercheifs to wipe my eyes.  Her grief was as visable as mine.  And on her wall, with all of the photo's of her great-grandkids hangs the one of the certificates we received from our state representative in sympathy our Shyla's death.  We recieved seven of these in the mail, out of the blue, to keep and share with her closest surviving relatives.  Everytime she says Shyla's name, I hear the hurt in her voice.

I love my Grandma and have been blessed to have her in my life. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Bday to your grandmother :)