Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Showing Off Jakin

So, if I haven't mentioned it before, I have the most awesome doctors in the world.  While we were attending my regular OB visit and ultrasound last Thursday (where we noticed little Jakin's heart issues) my doctor gave me a bunch of ultra sound photos.  I just wanted to show off our perfect little boy! (Sorry some of them are out of order and blog.ger is being a booger!)

A 3-D photo of his face.

His perfect little hand.  You can see all his fingers.  He was waving at us!

This one I just love. It was taken last Thursday.  I was 17 weeks exactly and the little guy gave us a salute.  you can see his hand on his forhead.  By the way...that was Veteran's Day!

Keep praying for Jakin's heart!

These three are from my high risk OB on Friday.  17 weeks 1 day.

Again, the high risk OB took this one.  You are looking down from above his head and can see his little hand infront of his face.  Looks like he was sucking this thumb!

This one is from Thursday.  That is his "turtle".  It's a BOY!

A perfect little leg and foot!


Lisette said...

He is beautiful and I am praying that his heart is complete and healthy.

Jocelyn said...

I love him, Mattie! I am praying for perfection in his strong little heart!

Tim and Carissa Wix said...

I just love baby Jakin! I really love his beautiful name and it's powerful meaning! Saying prayers for you guys!

Melani said...

So sweet!