Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I have been up to.

I wish I knew where to start!  Whew!  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of business and the only reason I have a chance to write today is that I am feeling under the weather and that means I couldn't go to my dad's radiation appointment today.

Dad had his biopsy done a couple of weeks ago, during which his lung collapsed and he had to have a drain tube put in his chest.  The test confirmed large cell carcinoma and he had to stay in the hospital for about 4 days.

September 2nd was our beautiful daughter, Shyla Joy's 2nd birthday in Heaven.  It was also the day my brother, sis-in-law and niece made it in from Oklahoma and the day Dad was finally released from the hospital.  It was a long, emotional day.

My younger brother lives about 2 hours away and he was going to come home for the weekend, but his breaks went out on his car, so my mom went and picked him up.  My older brother and his family stayed for Labor Day weekend and between Dad's Dr appointments, working at the Crisis Pregnancy Center 2 days a week, homeschooling and taking my younger brother back to Lexington I have been running like crazy.  Throw in there it's high school soccer season (my husband is a soccer official) and Ben is out of town a few nights a week and that we had another large fundraiser during those two weeks means I have not had much time to sit at the computer for long!

Dad's first radiation treatment was this afternoon and I am waiting to hear how he is doing now.  They said it shouldn't be too hard on him, but they are going to do treatments 5 days a week for about 6 weeks.  The chemo Doctor wouldn't even really give him a consult until he gets his insurance stuff worked out...please pray that is resolved soon.  The basic gist of it is that he is a veteran and had a biopsy done in April at the VA hospital.  They told him he didn't have cancer, but just an infection and sent him home with antibiotics.  He kept getting sicker and sicker and went down to just over 100 pounds.  When VA refused to see him again, he saw a doctor outside of the VA and had more tests and this 2nd biopsy that said told us it is cancer.  Now the VA will not pay for any of his treatment because he went outside the VA hospital for diagnosis...we are working on some other options though.

I guess I just needed to get all of this off my chest and prepare me for writing once again.  It feels like I've been away for so long!!!

I do have something adoption related to another post...


Holly said...

It upsets me that the VA wont help him b/c he went "outside". If he hadn't he may not have even known he had cancer b/c THEY misdiagnosed him!

Heather said...

Your poor dad - that is just awful. I'm so sorry!!!!