Saturday, August 11, 2012

Women of Faith Columbus 2012

After uploading my pictures, I realized the majority of them were taken while we were eating or before…hmmm…


Last weekend, I made the drive to Columbus to attend Women of Faith with some really awesome ladies.  We volunteered at the event to get free tickets and I have to say that it was worth it.  We didn’t get the seats we originally thought we were, but it was still great and well worth it!

And of course, there was cheesecake involved.



Kelly and Nancy were taking pictures of their yummy cheesecake!  I’m sure our waiter thought we were nuts!




Even little Ava (Erin’s sweetie) wanted a bite.  She was still snug in her mommy’s tummy at the last Women of Faith.




She really liked our waiter as well!



I’m so thankful to be with these awesome ladies again!  Erin, Holly and Kelly are all beautiful women with big hearts and we all were brought together by loss. 




wof ccfwof cheesecake

wof groupwof kelly and i


Mark Lowry was absolutely hilarious and really just made me laugh.  I may be dating myself a little here, but I remember seeing him on a show called CCM (Contemporary Christian Music TV) on the family channel in the 90s.  It was full of Christian music videos and his were always SO funny!  But what I really loved about him is that he would make us laugh, then hit on a serious, profound point then before we knew it we were laughing again.  One of the things he said that really left an impression on me was, “People with an experience are never at the mercy of people with an argument.”  Amen, brother!


He also sang his song that he and Sandi Patty did together years and years ago and I was laughing until I cried because I remember that music video.  And the best part was that Sandi Patty was there and they had a camera on her during the event and we got to watch her reaction as he acted his and her parts to the song with the help of a mic stand and a blond wig.



We got to hear Mandisa sing and she was great.  She is so beautiful, inside and out!






Mike Lewis “The Jesus Painter”  tells a beautiful story on canvas and at the end, it is the face of Jesus.  It was very moving.






Amy Grant sang some oldies and some very emotional new songs.  It was great to see her!






It was a great weekend and I’m so glad I made the trip!


Carissa Wix said...

Jared and I use to have all of Mark Lowry's VHS Tapes. We loved him! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

Holly said...

I had such a great time with you and everyone else!! :) I can't wait til next year. I'm glad at least you remembered the names of everyone. lol I couldn't.