Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blogs and Kisses

I just wanted to let everyone know I have started two other blogs.  I know...I'm a bloggy addict.  Seriously.  I could read blogs all day.  Too bad I can't get paid doing that, right?

My first new blog I started after finding a recipe for making my own laundry soap.  I tried it.  I loved it.  So then I started researching recipes for other cleaners and such.  We are on the road to being out of consumer debt (everything but the house) in April and I could not be happier!  We have been on Dave Ramsey's financial peace plan for a while and can't wait for the day that we can call into his radio show and scream at the top of our lungs "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!"  I started this blog mainly for me to keep track of my "recipes", frugal tips and ideas.  Hop on over to Nothing But Love to check out those recipes and frugal tips.  But keep in mind, I haven't been doing much over there, and for some reason I can't create a link like I can in this blog, so you see the whole, long, web address when I try to link something...hmmmm....I will keep working on that.

My other new blog is a crafty one.  I love repurposing things, creating things, scrapbooking and paper crafting and when I found the wealth on information on all of these subjects in blogs online I started my own to chronicle my attempts, successes and even crafty failures.  Again, I just started and just have like three posts, but if you are interested, head on over to Creative Joy Crafts.  (Warning: there are going to be lots of baby crafts.  I have lots of friends having babies and I have found it is much easier for me to make gifts than to wonder around the baby department looking for them.)  The first crafty blog I ran across was Joy's Hope.  I found her first, because I found the story of her Joy Emma and how she is also a baby loss mama.  She is a wonderfully creative lady who has since been blessed with three little girls and always finds creative ways to remember her Joy.

I am finding so much enjoyment in looking through different kinds of blogs.  Baby loss blogs help me on my grief.  Creative blogs spur my creativity and give me ideas and inspirations.  Frugality blogs help me find new ways to save my family money and be creative with our income.  SO...I think I will be looking into a bloggy make-over for one of my blogs and I think I know where I will be going for that.  If you haven't heard, Franchesca (from  Handprints from Heavenand Abiding Hope Collages) has started Small Bird Studio and offers beautiful and affordable blog make overs.  The proceeds go to help her fund the Hope Collages.  So if you are in need of a makeover, go see her!

If you all know of any blogs I need to read, email me!

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heather said...

Thanks for adding these new blogs! I have been so bad about blogging and following blogs lately - my life has gotten CRAZY busy! So if you don't always hear from me, know I continue to think of you!