Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Little Things

It's the little things that bring joy and hope lately.  I'm picking up where I left off last month in counting the things that bring me hope.  Things that make me happy.  Small Miracles.  Things that might be normal or routine if we don't take the time to notice them for what they are. 
I've also included some photos from my 365 blog.

11."Good Morning" kisses from a sleepy three year old.

12. The first flowers of spring.

13. Packages containing needed materials for a special project in memory of a very special little boy.

14. A day of sunshine after what feels like a month of rain.

15. Having lunch with old friends.

16. Getting an unexpected butterfly for Jakin.

17. Hubs coming home after a week away.

18. Finding some awesome educational books for Ethan for $1 each!

19.  Seeing Ethan enjoying $1 books!

20.  Seeing progress be made in the adoption!

I'm linking up this list of what brings me hope and joy with the Small Miracles blog hop and Happy Saturdays Blog Hop!



New Year Mum said...

Love those good morning kisses too :) xoxo

Jill said...

All wonderful things that bring joy. xoxo

Caroline said...

What a great list !
Wishing you a Happy Week !!

Tiffany said...

great list!

Franchesca said...

I love this list!! And dido on the first flowers in spring. I just don't think I ever appreciated them before Jenna died. Thank you for sharing :) xo