Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week in Review

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Filled With Praise

High from this week: I volunteered at the Crisis Pregnancy Center again this Wednesday and really felt like I was able to be God's hands and feet in some really practical ways.  I love the work he is doing there and the people I get to serve with are such a joy!

(This is in the hallway of the pregnancy center)

Low from this week: Learning that the hubs is just a few pounds over the Korea allowance for his BMI.  Seriously.  I mean, have you seen him?  I would have never in a million years guessed he would be over the limit, yet here we are!  The good news is all he has to do is have his physical again when he is at an acceptable weight. Guess what...he already is!  The very few pounds he was over, he has already lost since his first physical.  (This could have something to do with the fact he was wearing boots and his winter coat when he was weighed the first time!)

(Ben and Ethan on January 1st at Wonderworks)

Lessons Learned:
(1) Counting calories makes me anxious.
(2) I'm really glad we don't own bathroom scales.
(3) Taking your shoes and coat off when you are getting weighed are really important (Haven't women been saying this for years?)


Jessica said...

coats and shoes are a must when getting heavy sweaters LOL. I am so glad hubby is all set!!

4 Blessings said...

Thank you for linking up! That is wonderful that you are able to work at the pregnancy center. I am sure that is a blessing on so many levels.
I have that same saying on a sign in our kitchen. LOVE IT!

Have a great weekend!