Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiny Little Snowflake

The other day I was looking at all the Christmas decor that has been showing up everywhere and really have started to let myself get into the Christmas spirit.  I saw this little tiny snowflake ornament and began to think about how those that leave us so early in life are so similar to these snowflakes.  Unique, fresh from heaven, beautiful.  Also, they are here for such a short time.  But in that short time they dance among us, almost unoticed at first, we appreciate their presence and beauty.  I wrote this the other day.  Thinking of my tiny little snowflake and wanted to share.

Tiny Little Snowflake
Like a tiny little snowflake,
In an unexpected storm,
How gently you blew into our lives
How quickly you were gone.

I would have held you forever
But it all would be in vain
My tiny little snowflake
You’d melt away again.

Just like a little snowflake
in the softly fallen snow.
How delicate you were
How I wish I could see you grow.

Silently you danced
A quite, sweet, ballet.
Then quietly you left
I wish you could have stayed.

I really long to see you
It hurts so bad, you know.
But happily I remember
That softly fallen snow.


Marie W said...

Oh Mattie this is beautiful. I have never thought of the snowflake this way. I love the way you describe how fleeting our babies lives were.

Franchesca Cox said...

Your poem is lovely and so very perfect for these angels who are here and gone too quickly. Thank you so much for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

Mattie, this is a beautiful poem. Your analogy is perfect. Thank you for sharing your poem.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem. What a testament to the love you have for your little girl. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy ICLW.