Friday, March 26, 2010


Asking for prayers again.  I'm not sure what has caused it, but my face is having some kind of terrible reaction to something.  It started with just a few little bumps and redness under my chin first thing thismorning.  It has progressively gotten worse all day.  Most of my neck is covered in bumps, redness, and swelling.  The reaction continues up the right side of my face, behind my ear and then a big place on the left side of my face really close to my eye.  That eye is swollen at least 1/3 closed.  And the ITCHING!  And the heat. 

I called the Dr. and they said to take another Bena.dryl tonight and some hydrocortisone cream and go to the clinic tomorrow if it doesn't clear up.

The redness and bumps are bearable (aside from being hideous), but the swelling, itching and heat are really starting to get to me.  People IRL said it could be nerves, but I don't think I'm nervous.  You'd think if my nerves had caused this, it would have happened before now.

By HIS stripes I AM healed!

Thank you for your prayers!


Allison (Ali) said...

Awesome --- I mean that really sucks --

I am truly sorry that you are having a reaction to something, I hope that it is treatable and goes away QUICKLY for your sake....

Franchesca Cox said...

hoping it goes away, Mattie! Praying you feel better soon :)

Lynn said...

Oh, no! Sounds like maybe you've gotten into something you're allergic too? Hope it goes away very soon!

Mattie said...

Thanks ladies! It is finally starting to clear up I think!