Friday, April 30, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Last Saturday was the March for Babies.  And it rained.  Boy, did it rain.  And storm.  And tornado sirens too!

But dispite the rain, we had at least 200 people.  Maybe 300.  Not bad at all if you ask me.  Team Shyla Joy had a total of 19 walkers and we raised over $1000!  (Pretty awesome considering our first goal was $280!)

So we marched.  We took the event indoors to a gym and we marched in circles. 

As the ambassador family, we were given the opportunity to tell our story again and to talk about the support group.  After we spoke, we lined up to begin the march. 

Then, the emcee asked for a moment of silence to remember Shyla.  For that minute, everyone in that room bowed their head and silence and thought of her.  Thought of her life.  How blessed I am to know that others were, even if for only that moment, thinking of my child.  It was a beautiful moment I will never forget.

Here are some photos of her day.

Shyla's Memory Board.

Ethan, her board and her footprints.

The memory boards on the wall in the first turn.

The back of our shirts held Shyla's footprints!  I love that they could do that!  Actual size and shape...we had a little trouble with the ridge lines, but it's her footprints!

After speaking.


College Friends.

Family Friends.

Co-worker Friend.  (She brought her husband, three kids and nephew too!)

Ethan on Daddy's shoulders.

On Mommy's shoulders.



And more Walking!  We did 10 laps in the gym and everyone there was so great.

All in all, it was a good day.


Jill said...

Such great photos. I love the shirts!!

Maggie said...

Great photos! It looks like it was a nice day. XO

Holly said...

We had rain too but not quite as bad as you did!!

I'm glad you still walked and that you got to share about Shyla.