Sunday, April 18, 2010

Newspaper and Radio

On Good Friday, I had an interview with a reporter from the Comm.onwealth Jour.nal, the daily newspaper in a neighboring county.  The interview went well I think.  When the paper came out, the "story" made the front page complete with a photo of me holding Shyla's footprints and little crocheted dress in a shadowbox and a photo of Ben holding her that out NILMDTS photographer friend took.

The local newspaper saw the article and requested permission to reprint.  On Tuesday, it ran front page of the Outl.ook.

The article can be read here and I will post the article in a separate post for when that link expires.

Then, one week later, I did a Community Connections radio segment that aired on three local FM stations and two AM stations one week ago today.  Last Sunday, before church, Ben and I sat on the couch and listened to this hour long radio program.  Sometimes it was hard to believe that was be on the other end of the radio.  "Is this really my life?"  It seemed so surreal. I really wish I would have recorded the program.

I have been given all of these opportunities becuase of the wonderful people at the March of Dimes who took a chance and asked my family to be the ambassador family this year.  They asked me to share our story of loss and give a voice to the bereaved.  I am honored.  I pray that every word I spoke pointed people to the Healer and Comforter and brought some peace to their hearts.


Jaime said...

What a fabulous honor, Mattie! And the article was very well written... your generous heart shines through every word.


JamieW said...

Absolutely beautiful article and what an inspiring person you are

Maggie said...

What an honor! Good for you! :) I thought that article was very well done as well. XO