Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Diagnosis

On Good Friday I had a busy day planned.  It was seven months to the day that Shyla had been delivered.  She had been gone as long as I carried her.  But I was in a surprisingly good mood.  I had an meeting scheduled with a reporter to write our story for a feature in the Common.weath Jour.nal and then I had a follow up appointment with my regular OB.

The interview with the reporter went well.  I was able to share our story and what we are doing with th
March of Dimes.  I shared some photos with her and had a good feeling about the article. 

The appointment I had with the OB was to just check up on me and see how I am healing.  We discussed the Perinatal specialist that I had seen in October and that I really wished not to see him again.  He had several comments that were almost accusatory and very harsh words for me because I had chosen not to have an autopsy performed after Shyla's birth.   I now have an appoinment with a different specialist next month! Can I just say I {heart} my OB.

While the Dr. was talking about some things he mentioned something I had never heard before about my medical diagnosis.  MTHFR.  As a friend of mine said,"It almost looks obscene!"  So apparently, I am positive for it in addition to FVL.  I'm heterozygous for the gene and my Dr. showed me my chart where it said in nice fine print, "One copy of the gene does not increase the likelihood..."  So now we are just waiting to see the Specialist in May and going from there.

I was actually rather disheartened after I left.  After getting the new diagnosis, I asked him if he thought, medically, it was ok for us to start trying to get pregnant again.  The short answer, was "no".  My body needs more time to heal.  I was ok at the time, but on the 45 minute drive home, I cried and prayed and cried some more.  I feel like both my husband and I are as close to emotionally ready as we will ever be and just really looking forward to being pregnant again.

So moral of the story, God's timing is always best and we will know when we know about how to best take the next steps.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* The diagnosis sounds scarier then it is. I have Factor V heterozygous as well...maybe they will have you on lovenox when you get pregnant again? Praying you are able to start trying soon. You are right...all will happen in God's time.

klarsen said...

Hugs, Mattie! He is always in control! I have Factor V (hetero), MTHFR AND a PAI-1 4g/5g mutation. It is STILL in HIS HANDS! xxx

Jill said...

That is so wonderful you were able to share your story and talk about the March of Dimes. I hope you get answers when you see the specialist in May.


Maggie said...

I hope you get some more answers next month too! It's so frustrating when you know you cannot try. Hoping you can real soon. (((HUGS))))

Holly said...

I'm sorry that you have to wait longer to try again. I'm sure that is frustrating. I've heard of MTHFR before.