Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looks Like Heaven

In May we were blessed to be invited to the yearly picnic held by our homestudy agency.  From our first meeting with them, they mentioned the picnic and told us to keep our calendars clear for that day.  I was so excited when the day came!  It was on a Sunday afternoon and we drove a little distance to get there.  It was so amazing to see so many countries represented there!  They made an announcement that this was one of the most unique events in the country because there were people from over 30 (well, 30 something...I couldn't hear that part really well) countries there.  All the beautiful children!  I got teary looking at all the different children and families and remembered a line from Choosing to   I leaned over to my husband and could barely get out the words before choking up..."This must be what Heaven looks like".

I took some photos that day, mostly of Ethan, but I really failed at capturing the beauty of the day.

Ethan going up to the BIG curly slide.

And this is how he came out of the BIG curly slide!

He had so much fun!

Feeding the goats at the petting zoo.

He always wanted his shoes to go down the slide before him.

Some of the flags of the countries represented.

Us infront of the flag of South Korea.

After a yummy dinner, we got rained out :(

There was so much more.  Live music, face painting, ice cream, drinks...and the best part (especially for a family that is adopting) is that everything was FREE!

At the time, we kept saying to each other, "Can you imagine!?  We are going to have our little one here by the time the next picnic rolls around!"  Now we know that may not be true.  Well, actually, that is more than likely not true.  But, we still may go next year and try to connect with other families a little more.  This time we were a bit shy and just taking it all in.

I am already looking forward to next May!!!

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Deanna said...

looks like a wonderful event!