Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Day 2

We had to say our see-you-laters right after breakfast and let my brother and his family get on the road to Florida.  I think it's hilarious we took about 100 photos in the hotel room!

Gracie and I

Nana and the kiddos

There is my brother again...

Aunt Ashley and Ethan

After we parted ways, we decided to drive around a bit and realized that nothing was open yet because it was still pretty early on a Sunday morning.  So we started back North.  On the way we saw a sign of something really interesting and thought we would take a little detour to one of the few freshwater pearl farms in the US.  There was a little museum and everything!

Globe made out of different shades of pearls

I just had to get a picture of South Korea :)

A partially formed pearl cut out in the shape of a heart...

This reminded me of a fetal growth chart...maybe because I look at one all the time now (at the Center).

Pearl Dragonfly


It was a really neat experience and we may even plan to go back when they are having a tour of the pearl farm and get to see them harvested!


Caroline said...

Thanx for sharing and everything is so beautiful. I think I would even like a tour of all that.

Holly said...

That pearl place seems really neat. I love pearls!!