Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Recap Day 3

Monday was our big boy's 4th birthday and we had a traditional birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with strawberrties and whipped cream...yum!

Then, another birthday tradition was to take Ethan fishing.  We got out on the lake and he had so much fun.  It was such a beautiful day!

We got to see two majestic bald eagles too.  One immediately flew away, but the other stayed around for a while.  So amazing!

After fishing, we took a rest at home then before heading to Ethan's party, we stopped by the cemetary to finish decorating for Memorial Day.

He had his first ever ice cream cake!

Then we had to play some games...

I have to admit...this is the first time I have not made Ethan's cake, planned a party and really worked like crazy to get it all done.  Being out of town the two days before just made it too hard.  But you know what... I learned a valuable lesson for times like this.  Ethan had just as much fun as he did when I worked all morning on his birthdays past....AND it was so much easier!

He was sad to leave, but he had so much fun.  He still talks about playing the games and having so much fun.

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Holly said...

Ice cream cake! Yum!!!!!

And I love Shyla's and Jakin's decorations. :)