Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

After the ice and snow from yesterday, I was concerned about Hubby driving into work this morning, so I have him about 30 minutes then called him to make sure he got there safely.  While we were talking, I noticed an odd sound in my ear, but I thought that it might just be my hair rubbing against the phone or maybe static from the cell phone.  As soon as I got off the phone, I got all my hair away from my ear and the sound got louder.  After just a couple of seconds of me thinking," couldn't be....I'm hearing things...maybe..."  I came to the conclusion that...


I freaked out a little and called my hubby right back asking for help...ok...begging and crying like I was being tortured.  And he was quickly on the way.  He told me to try to flush my ear...

I ran to the bathroom and began pouring water into my ear....while I was bawling...I was frantic, disgusted and pleading with God to get whatever it was in there out of there and give me peace.  "You CAN do this!"  I screamed in between tears.  It seemed like I was there forever.  I stopped with the water for just a minute and could still hear it in there...crawling around on my ear drum (EEEWWWWW!!!!).  I started crying again and then started worrying about Hubby driving those icy roads again.  So, back under the sink I went.  At least the sound of the water dulled the sound of those tiny little feet crawling around in there...(again, eeewww!)

Ethan's bedroom is directly across the hall from the bathroom and of course his crazy mama's cries woke him and he came out of his room confused and a little scared.  He asked where daddy was.  I, with my head in the sink and still crying a bit, told him Daddy had gone to work but was on his way home to help Mommy with something...Mommy has something her ear...

At this point he began crying from being woken up to such a scene and still wanting to be asleep.  I asked him to go lay on the couch and wait for Daddy and when Daddy gets home tell him Mommy is in the bathroom.  He calmly did what I asked and just a few minutes later Hubby got home (Praise GOD!)

He came in the bathroom with a flashlight and began looking in my ear.

"Well, let's go to the hospital..."  He said matter-of-factly.

"Noooo!!!"  I cried, I really, really did not want to have to go to the hospital for this!

He asked if I had tried a q-tip and I told him I was afraid to damage something or to just push the little thing back in there further.  So, he grabbed one and gave it a try. 

"I see it!"  He said.

I lost it.  Crying like a big baby.  Oh my goodness, this was really happening.  Something had crawled in my ear.

He did a little manuevering with that q-tip and then I heard..."I got him!"

I almost collapsed.  Silly, I know.  But until you've had something clawing at your ear drums...don't judge me :)

He showed me the end of the medical device that saved my life (aka the q-tip) the creature that nearly brought me to my knees.  An itsy bitsy tiny ant...that's right.  One about the size of the letter "A" on this screen. So eventhough we have not seen another ant in this house, I demanded we get some ant immediately...before I go to bed tonight...

So imagine me sitting in the bathroom floor crying tears of relief and still disbelief that this happened and my loving hubby standing over me kind of giggling...

Before he went back to work, we were both laughing.

I mean who in the world gets an ant in their ear in the middle of an ice storm in December...and where the heck did that little guy come from anyway???

Sheesh.  Gimme a break!


So after an occurance that could be used as an anology for a sermon, Hubby sometimes says, "That will preach"...meaning the event could teach a valuable lesson.  If anyone can think of how this mornings adventure could "preach"...please let me know...right now I'm still in shock that it all happened. 

But, at least we can laugh about it now, right?

Whew, what a morning!

(I was trying to figure out how to "label" this post...but I don't think I have one for "when random insects enter your body".  Probably not many people will be scouring this blog trying to find this post, so maybe I just won't label it...)


Heather said...

Sorry about your adventures with Mr. Ant! I'm glad you were able to laugh about it later. I would've freaked out too!!!

As far as how it could preach...hmmm...I should ask my hubby - he's really good at that stuff!

shineliketheSon said...

Oh my! I would have been in a pool of tears and hyperventaling! I've done that and called hubby home for a huge spider that was nowhere near my body just in our home. I'm so glad he got it out without going to the hospital! I hope the rest of your week is much calmer!

Tim and Carissa Wix said...

This sounds like something that would happen in Asher! That place was gross! Remember the roaches? Oh, and ghetto rat that lived in our freshman dorm? Ah, those were the days! I'm gad it worked out well for you! Hubby to the rescue!

Melissa said...

Oh my Gosh, I was just in tears (good ones) and laughing so hard reading your story. This same thing happened to my husband a few months ago while he was sleeping, so there he is jumping out of bed telling me to get the bug out of his ear at 4 am....I thought he was crazy! We had a good laugh about it later, once I woke up.

Mattie said...

Melissa- Oh my goodness what a terrible way to wake up at 4 am!!

Marie W said...

I almost hate to laugh, but this was oh so funny! I am glad you got the ant out of your ear and all is well with the world. Ha! Truthfully, I wold have acted even worse! I would have driven to the er and screamed bloody murder!

Lisette said...

Glad you are able to giggle about it now but I would have done the same thing! That would have freaked me out.

mrsnice777 said...

I would have freaked out like that for sure! Don't feel bad!


Jocelyn said...

Mattie, this was priceless! My reaction would have been the same as yours, but I was cracking up at your narration of this horrible story!! BLECH! So glad that your husband is a skilled q-tip professional. :)

Holly said...

Akkkkkk! How terrible! This totally reminded me of the episode of Untold Stories of the ER when a guy had a cockroach in his ear and it was biting his eardrum and he was paralyzed with shock and fear and he was just screaming. I'm sure that's an image you want.

I think I would freak a little if there was a bug in my ear like that! That's scary!!