Friday, December 10, 2010


I just had to share how honored I am to know such amazing people.  Online and in person.  One family that I am honored to know is Lori's family.  We attend church together and she is an amazingly crafty lady.  She designs stamps and makes the most beautiful creations!

Lori's daughter, Hannah, has followed in her mom's footsteps and has started designing digital stamps as well.  And I am honored to share the most special one of them with you...

Jakin and Shyla are their names :)

And there's more!

Hannah said she wanted to name the stamps in honor of Jakin Isaac and Shyla Joy and give the money she makes from them to the March of Dimes in memory and honor of Shyla and Jakin!

How beautiful is this young lady's heart!?  I think she gets if from her Mama!

I forgot to mention, sweet Hannah is just 14! 

Please head over to Lori's blog and send her some love and hugs for raising such a sweet, precious girl!


Jill said...

Such a beautiful heart!!!

sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

I am so sorry for your loss. What wonderful friends you have in Lori and her amazingly talented daughter Hannah. What a wonderful way to honor your children.

Heather said...

Wow - that's just amazingly sweet!!!

Elainna said...

Such an amazing young lady.

Holly said...

Those are precious and that was so sweet of her!