Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bringing all kinds of Hope home...

This blog is going to be undergoing some changes over the next little bit.  Not only will it document our adoption journey, but it will be our family blog and chronicling our new adventures in homeschooling.

I thought about starting another blog...but I just don't have it in me!

And I figured...there is more than one way to bring HOPE home.  "Hope" not as a person, but as what God gives us.  The new header kind of sums it up.  We are wanting to bring Hope home from Korea.  We want to bring HOPE into our home through the word of God and we are bringing hope back to our home by homeschooling our son and me being home more than not now.

SO...you might start getting homeschool posts in your reader, along with just regular family posts and (of course) posts about the adoption.  So, I hope you hang around as we go through these changes!

Much hope...


1 comment:

Holly said...

I don't think I would've started a new one either. I think it's a great place to integrate it all. :)