Monday, August 1, 2011

So Loved

Wild Olive

We feel SO LOVED by all that has been done for us during the planning and the course of the online auction.  I knew it would be a lot of work, but whew!  In the end, totally worth it!  With just 10 minutes to spare, we hit our goal of $1000 and by the end, we were $24 over!!!  Praise God!

Thank you to all that donated!

Thank you to all that prayed!

Thank you to all that bid!

Thank you all for allowing God to use you in a practical way!

And thank you to all the winners and to those generous ones who are adding a couple of dollars on to your total bid (with the help of that handy "donate" button on the top left side bar) to help incur the shipping costs without it biting into our total raised!

Now that the auction is over, I really want to talk about something besides myself, fundraising and stuff.  Even beautiful stuff is just stuff.  I want to share about the news we got regarding Korea and new adoption laws, but first I want to share about something amazing that Wild Olive Tees is doing.  When I read the email from them in my inbox yesterday, I knew I had to share it with all of you because it touched my heart in some very deep places.  It is a story of love, adoption, orphans, heart conditions and the death of a child dearly loved.  If you know much about our story, you know why these topics are so close to me.  I could barely read through their story without being brought to tears.  But I would love to share it with you.   Please, please, GO HERE and read about precious little Esther and what you can do to help support other orphan's with heart defects like hers.  Wild Olive has designed the SO LOVED shirts like this one:

Wild Olive

to help fund future heart surgeries of orphans in China like little Esther. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this shirt go to that cause. And because Wild Olive is so generous they are giving away 15 of these shirts! Please go support Wild Olive as they bring hope to these orphans by giving them the surgeries that they need while they wait for their forever family.  


Holly said...

Soo happy you reached your goal!! Praise the Lord!!

Blomgrens said...

Hey Girl, are you selling shirts through Wild Olive? I might get one but need your code so you can get credit!