Wednesday, August 10, 2011

While We Wait: Summertime Fun

While We Wait Wednesday!!!

A day to just talk about life in the waiting.  

Today, a fun topic:

Summertime Fun! 

Write a post filled with what you have been doing this summer and link it up below.  Don't forget to copy the code below the linky and add it to your post.  It would also be super nice if you would visit the blogger who linked up before you and leave them a lovely comment. :-)


This will be mostly a photo post from me.

We started summer 2010 with a trip to Jackson, TN and visited the Casey Jones and train museum...from the outside...we were late and they were locking up :(

But we did get to eat at the Country Store!

We stopped at the Pearl Museum and Farm on the way home and learned a little about pearls.

And saw this entire globe made out of pearl!

Little man had a birthday and begged to do a little of this:


And we had a little birthday party.

At which he got what he wanted for his birthday...

We went to a picnic held by our homestudy agency for all their clients.

I tried many new recipes.  Including turning sweetened condensed milk to toffee and pouring it over bananas and topping with home made whipped cream.  

Did some fishing at the local kids fishing derby.

We went to Louisville to get fingerprinted for our I-600A and drove across the "Big Bridge" for Ethan and found the Falls of the Ohio River State Park on our GPS and decided to take a look.  We will eventually come back here, it was really neat and there are fossil beds that can be explored!

We stopped at the Indiana Welcome Center to see if there was a place to picnic anywhere close and found out that the 3rd largest Bass Pro was just down the of course, we made a little visit there too.

Remember that picture about fishing in the kids fishing derby?  Well, Ethan's cousin won a free day on a pontoon and asked if we would join them.  We had a lot of fun...

So much fun that he actually still took a nap on the middle of the lake on the pontoon because he was SO tired.

My mom got him a new pet...

Got a flower on the 4th of July from this handsome guy...

Kayaking as a family.

Baking oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  Even better (which I don't have a photo of) is the layer of brownies over a layer of oreo over a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, baking it for 45 minutes and topping it with vanilla ice cream while it's still warm...

Took Ethan to the summer reading program at our public library and got to see this cute little guy.

Tried zucchini pizza for the first time with the fresh-from-the-garden-zucchinis.  YUM!

Birthday parties for cousins...

A week without air conditioning and having to purchase a brand spanking new unit.  But, I'm not could be SO much worse!

Loving on this guy and hearing him tell stories of the cross.

Crafting.  This was one of my latest.  It's a magnetic make-up holder.  Thank you Pinterest!

We did a Yard Sale Fundraiser the weekend after our online auction.  Whew!

Organizing all the books on little guys bookshelves in preparation of homeschooling (we start next week!) and him "helping".

So that pretty much wraps up my summer!  What have you all been doing this summer while you've been waiting?


Briana said...

All of the pictures of the baked goodies - I've got to go get some ingredients, now! :)

Holly said...

♥ the country store. and I remember that globe made out of pearl. i think that's so neat!