Wednesday, August 3, 2011

While We Wait: In His Word

I started this blog as a way to let our friends and family follow our adoption journey and through the course of our online auction, I feel like it also needs to be a place to connect with other families.  With that being said, introducing...

While We Wait Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday, I would like to post a topic and let all the "waiting" families out there link up so we can connect with each other and make this wait time fly by!  I also have learned that God can teach us as much in the waiting as he can when we reach our destination.  With that being said, I hope that other adoptive families will hop on board and share a little about their families and their "waiting".  Families that have already been connected with their little ones are also invited to join in and reminisce about their time waiting or show us something they are currently "waiting" for.  I don't have a button for this blog hop yet, but hopefully soon.  The linky will be open from Wednesday morning until the following Tuesday evening.  Hopefully, I new topic will be posted every Wednesday morning!  

This week's While We Wait topic:

In His Word 

I've found so much in God's Word since we started our adoption journey.  We signed our first paper in January and I had just started reading the Bible through in 90 days.  It was a lofty goal, but I did it and I was so happy I did.  I have done the One Year Bible in the past, but I always fall off the wagon about August, get behind and feel like I'm all off track.  The 90 day plan on the Bible app really helped me stay focused, but really didn't leave much time for studying specific scriptures.  I bookmarked these along the way and have been going back through and studying them.  This morning, I was praying and looking to God's Word for peace and direction.  We got some news about Korea last week that left us feeling pretty confused and we have considered changing countries.  This morning, this was the scripture that stuck out to me the most:

Bow in prayer.  Don't ask questions.  Wait for hope to appear.

So I paused and prayed and then I saw this on my highlighter:

If you can't tell, that says, "KOREA".

All right, I get it.

Be still.  Pray.  Wait on God.  Don't force things.

What have you found in the Bible that has brought you encouragement, peace or patience lately?


Holly said...

What a great linkup. How amazing for God to bring you those words. I'm glad you shared them b/c I enjoyed reading that passage.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I just logged on to thank for you sending the "American Made" onesie so quickly. I sure wish I could have given more to the cause. Instead, I'll add you to my prayers.

Are you doing this hop again on Wednesday? I'll join in. I have some words in mind, and the post is ready, but I'll be out of town, begging my son to use his computer! (He is in grad school in Baton Rouge; I'm going there to help him celebrate his 25th b-day. Gulp!)

Hope, Hope, HOPE!

Blomgrens said...

That is so awesome! I love your personal story today, makes me smile. I'll try to link up soon! I'm lagging behind on my blog lately... lacking the energy really. Take care!

Briana said...

Oh, I found this on the Etsy adoption team today. So, I will join in this week. I'm following you now. Yay for adoption support!