Wednesday, August 17, 2011

While We Wait: Crafting

I can't believe it's Wednesday again already and time to link up with other families who are waiting!

This week's topic...CRAFTING!

I know lots of moms that are using their crafty abilities to help raise funds for their adoption, so let's see it!  What are some of the things you've been crafting while you wait?  Be sure to link up below and invite others to do the same.  It also would be kind to leave a lovely comment for the person who linked up before you.


Before I show something I've been crafting lately, I just have to say...if you've not signed up for Pinterest really should!  You can see my pins HERE. 

Now that I've done that, I can move on to sharing about one of my recent crafts for our home.  

When I saw this idea on Pinterest (see why I mentioned it before?)  I knew I had to do it to keep my make-up off our bathroom counter.  The best part is that we already had almost all the supplies!  

First, I found an empty frame and measured it.  I asked the wonderful hubby to cut a piece metal to fit it.  He found some and I then covered it with some scrap fabric I had purchased from the remnants basket at Jo.Ann's a while back.

We fit the fabric covered piece of metal into the frame and then I attached sticky backed magnets to my make up and found a locker organizer in the school section for a buck and sprayed it blue to match the frame (which I know looks purple in this pic for some reason).  

Now I can find what I'm looking for and hubby is happy my make-up bag is off the counter!  

What have you been crafting lately?