Monday, January 24, 2011

{2 Months} Establishing Laughter

Today it has been two months since I held my littlest of boys.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I like to see the meaning in things. Especially names. Jakin's name means "God will establish Laughter".

So to remember Jakin, and to remember God's promise that he would establish laughter in our lives, I've decided to post something that makes me or my family laugh on the 24th of every month!

Today, sinceValentine's Day is just a couple weeks away, I wanted to post this song by the HILARIOUS Tim Haw.kins!  I hope you get at least a little giggle and I pray that God is establishing laughter in your lives everyday!

By the way, if you find something funny...a video, a joke, a photo that makes you laugh...send it to me!!!  I would love to spread a little laughter throughout the blogging community!!!


crystal theresa said...

what a beautiful way to honor your sweet son!

AHB said...

What a creative mom you are!!

Lisette said...

I love that the 24th is his day! I am going to have to join you every 24th ((HUGS)). You are such a wonderful mommy!

Holly said...

I think that is a great idea!!

Tim and Carissa Wix said...

I don't have it, but the video of us dancing our freshman year of college makes me giggle. Just thinking of the wonderful moments we had makes me smile!

mrsnice777 said...

Needed this laugh tonight! Thanks!!!