Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homestudy Meeting #1

Monday night we met with the social worker that will be writing our homestudy report.  As soon as we walked in the door of her home, we saw her beautiful children.  Meredith has adopted two (I just can't emphasiza how beautiful) children from Ethiopia.  We brought Ethan with us and after a few minutes of warming up to everyone he was off playing with her kids and we sat and talked with her in her home office.  She answered all the questions I could think of and we talked about her adoption journey.  She completely put us as ease and made us feel like this process, although very thorough and kind of complicated, will go smoothly.

Ben and I really enjoyed meeting her and her family and appreciate so much she opened her home and story to us.  We had an honest conversation with some of the comments she has heard about being a multicultural family and we appreciate her unique insight to help us prepare our minds (our comebacks) and our spirits from negative attitudes of some that may still hold prejudices and ignorant thoughts.  We also have wondered how to prepare Ethan.  Then it hit me.  While we were in Meredith's home, after only a few minutes, Ethan referred to Meredith as the children's Mom.  He never once questioned if she was their mom or not because they physically look different.  He could just tell...she IS their mom.  I wish I could say this is because of our excellent parenting and guidance, but who are we kidding...I know that this is something not taught.  If only all of our eyes and hearts were so pure!  Instead of analyzing any family structure or system, we could just appreciate the beauty of it and simply answer, "Yes."  She is there mom.  They are her kids.  Period.  I wish we all could see through the eyes of children for a day.  I imagine they see things a lot like God.


Ashley said...

I do love that little boy and his genuine heart of gold!
I'm so excited for you guys and praying for you!

Holly said...

Kids see things so simply when we try to complicate them.