Thursday, January 20, 2011


Before Christmas we went to Northern Kentucky to visit some close family friends for Christmas and one of our Godchildren's birthdays.  While we were there we went back to the Creation Museum.  This time to see the live nativity.  We got there early to fight the crowds and walked through the museum.  I saw the large dragonfly fossil that I remembered seeing from our first trip there.  But, when we got down to the lower level, I saw something I didn't remember.  Two dragonflies.  Two of them fossilized forever and together in this display.

Isn't it just facinating?  One day these two were just flying around and then they are frozen in time for us to see.  Dragonflies have a very short lifespan when they get their wings, but these two (like my two) have forever left an imprint.

Fossils just amaze me.


AHB said...

I loved your post..I am a huge fan of dragonflies (red ones especially), and we had one that hung out with me all summer..I saw two one time, and it freaked me out because I associated the one with Aubree. I then realized just the other day that she had found my first baby..She was with her older sibling. Do you know much about dragonflies? There are books for kids about dragonflies that teach them about death. "The Dragonfly Door" and there is another one too..I know that another family had a dragonfly hovering around the grave of their child too..Just amazing!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! You know, I've always wanted to visit the Creation Museum! =)

I realize you don't know me well but I've been following your blog for a few months now & I love it. It is a truly amazing blog so I hope you don't mind but... I nominated you for an award over on my blog (! =)

Holly said...

So neat! I think it is so interesting. I so want to visit the Creation Museum some day!

snapshots2011 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving wonderful comments!
This picture is beautiful- reminds me of the ending of the opera/broadway musical Aida (the two lovers are buried forever inside the same tomb.) Sort of like these dragonflies- perserved forever together.

butterflymom said...

Wow...this gives me chills, Mattie. And it absolutely left an imprint on my heart, just like all of our babies have. Thanks for sharing... By the way, check out my blog when you have a chance to see your bloggy award. ((hugs and love))