Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book Review: Money Secrets of the Amish

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Discover the money-saving and wealth-building secrets of America’s thriftiest people, the Amish.
Author, journalist, and descendant of the Amish, Lorilee Craker, was just like the rest of us, feeling the pinch from the financial fallout of 2008. As a freelancer, her income was going the way of the dodo—family dollars seemed like an extinct myth, the bank account some archeological evidence of past prosperity.
Then, inspired by a news segment covering her people, the Amish, and how they emerged from the economic crisis unscathed, she realized it was time to get back to her roots and learn a thing or two about their time-tested approach to personal finances. While the middle-class was wringing its hands over the family budget and the wealthy were weeping over their slashed portfolios, the Amish were content as always, spared from the cares of the world and worldliness. They not only had financial health to support their lives, they exuded a wholeness that eludes so many when the financial bottom drops out.
In Money Secrets of the Amish, readers go on an “Amish money makeover,” learning the choices, secrets, and disciplines that safeguarded the contentment and the coffers of America’s favorite plain folk by spending less, saving more, and getting happier doing it.
I really enjoyed this book.  As an expectant parent through adoption, I am always looking for inspiration to save on our budget and put that "extra" money towards our adoption fund.  (Let's face it, adoption is expensive.)  I loved reading the author's experiences and interactions with the Amish as she was researching for this book and the money-saving tips are amazing as well.  While many of these "tips" were not new to me, it is always re-affirming to hear someone else say things like, "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" and talk about the awesome deals you can get while secondhand shopping.  We live fairly close to an Amish community and I have always been fascinated (and maybe a little jealous) of their culture of hard-working, fun loving, family oriented simplified way of living.  This is a very interesting read that I recommend to anyone looking to pinch a few more pennies!
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