Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Snapshots from Snapbucket

My computer has been running terribly slowly and it takes forever to upload pics from my camera, so here is our week in review from the view of my snap.bucket app on my i.pod...

Made puppy chow on Monday.  Yum!

One very cute little guy was found hiding with his friends!

I got these little sweeties in the mail!  The larger one weighs what our daughter, Shyla Joy weighed at birth (1 pound 11 ounces and the little one weighs what Jakin weighed (8.4 ounces).  These are a product of the amazing work that Molly Bears does completely free for bereaved parents!

Finally used my jewelry stamps and LOVE them!  I definitely see doing some jewelry making in my future!

Olive garden
Went to see my younger brother/Ethan's favorite person in the whole world (and took this o-so-flattering pic of both of the only one I could find...)

Our doll from Baby be Blessed made it's way home to us!  Yay!  We won this beautiful custom doll in a giveaway from their blog.  I love it!  It even has a special scripture for our little Hope...

I found some interesting things in our washing machine...
At least Hand.y Manny has some really clean tools now!
I absolutely LOVE finding little things like this.  It literally made me smile for at least five minutes.  I know how extremely blessed we are to have Ethan in our lives and I know how easily he could have not been here. We are undoubtedly aware of the fragility of life and both Ben and myself love finding little reminders that we are blessed to be Ethan's parents.  WE get the opportunity to reach into his heart and show him the love of God and raise up a Godly man.  We get to teach him scripture and sing songs with him.  We get to fix his supper, read to him, wash his clothes and find little jack hammers with big happy eyes in the machine.  We get to trip over shoes and talk about Heaven and laugh at the Lion King for the 5th time in a week...oh boy, feeling extremely grateful right now...I could go on forever...but, I will continue with this weekly review from my i.Pod camera...

I spent some quality time with my singer and got crafty...

I made this beautiful camera strap for my camera!  I love it!  The minky fabric makes it so cozy on the back of my neck...I will be making more of these!

I also worked on this.  I had the squares cut for a while and just got to piecing them today.  The material is from two of my maternity shirts I have worn in my previous pregnancies and the quilt (when I finish it) is going to be a cuddly quilt for Hope.

Lit candles for my babies.  Today, October 15th, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness and Remembrance Day and there is a wave of light for all the little ones gone very early in life.

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