Saturday, October 29, 2011

I snapped :-)

First off, I want to day hello to anyway who is visiting from the October followers fest!  Welcome to one of my little pieces of the internet!

My name is Mattie and I blog about a little of everything.  Crafting, family, homeschooling, marriage, faith, grief, books, scripture and plan on sharing my love for food soon.  I'm a daughter of the King, married to an amazing man and mama to one on earth, two in Heaven and a little girl on the other side of the world.
Thanks for stopping by!

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I've been busy, but been snapping photos a lot more with my iP.od to share with friends and family on fb and thought I would share a few here of the crafty things I've made and a few things we have done lately.

I pieced this little quilt top for Hope.  I cut two of my old maternity tops into squares and pieced them together.  I've been reading up on quilting tutorials and think I might actually take the plunge to hand quilt this one.  Maybe.  But I probably will end up just doing a simple machine quilt.  I have to mull it over.

Yay!  I love my new camera strap cover with pink minky on the inside!

I made one for a hunter I know with some camo and hunter orange fleece.  I also made a little lens cap holder and attached it to the strap.  Let's just say I've lost more than one lens cap while hiking in a leafy wooded area before and know from experience, this might be handy :-)

Next, I cut up several of Ethan's special baby outfits from his first year into squares and I plan on piecing them together for a quilt. Pray this goes ok...this mama is a little sentimental and would hate to ruin these little pieces!

Ethan has been earning money with our commission system and he decided he wanted to buy some glow sticks.  I had seen this idea to throw some glow sticks in the bath and take a bath in the dark.  Let's just say this four year old thought that it was the coolest thing ever and has talked about this for days!

Speaking of a sweet four year old I know...he read several PAGES of this book to me recently.  I'm one proud mama!

Shoebox lids

I covered a few shoebox lids with fabric and modg.e podge and now I have some colorful canvases to put on my mantle.

That's all the time I have to update at the moment!
I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Sarah said...

new reader here! great little blog! you're so crafty...I've thought of doing the same thing with my sons clothes and turning them into a quilt but I want to wait until we're done having children. :)

Heidi said...

You know that I love the quilts and crafts ;)

Amy said...

I am a new reader from the follow fest! I love the camera strap, I have to try to make one!