Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Years of Blogging

Today marks two years since writing my first blog post.  I had no idea what I was doing (and still really don't), but I can say that this has been an extremely therapeutic way to heal, to remember and share with other's that you are not alone.  In the past two years, I have shared so much with my friends and (gasp!) strangers on this blog, but in the end, the support I have been given and have been able to give back has far outweighed the negative feedback or annoying spam comments.  Since that first blog post, I have shared so, so much in this space...

Remembering Shyla on my first Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in 2009.

Why Dragonflies are so special to me.

Shyla's birth story.

The idea of Shyla's Stocking and then some of the amazing acts that were placed inside.

Our first Christmas with out her.

Our journey beginning with the March of Dimes, the newspaper article written about our family, and the March for Babies with our family the ambassadors in Shyla's name.

Oklahoma City and Shyla's pregnancy.

Reminders of her...

The announcement that we were pregnant again and asking for prayers for our Rainbow.

The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Training Event we organized for "first responders".

Shyla's first birthday and celebration of life.

Our Miracle Rainbow...when the Dr was wrong...

When something else was wrong...our boy's heart wasn't working like it should.

Jakin's ultimate healing and birth.

The service to remember and honor Jakin's life.

Our 2nd Christmas without Shyla and first without Jakin.

Our adoption announcement.

Jakin's Due Date.

The Amazing Women of Faith Event I had the privilege of attending.

Shyla's 2nd birthday.

I also shared some funny this post...(well, it wasn't so funny to me...)

I feel like I have ran an emotional triathlon the past two years and I am so glad I have had this platform to get out most of my feelings and connect with other loss moms.  You all have given me SO much support and I thank God for you!


Ashley said...

Happy blogging Birthday!
You have done a fantastic job sharing your heart and showing how God is working in your lives. I admire you and the strength you have shown through these trying times (and I know your strength comes from the Lord). I pray for you all daily and know that God has something special in store for you. Keep being the light in the darkness and sharing your heart.
I love you! We love you all!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Happy 2 years in blogland, my beautiful monkey! Love you!

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Caroline said...

Happy Two Years & {{{Hugs}}

Holly said...

Happy Blogiversay!