Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 13

This week.

This week, so far, has been a crazy busy week! I'm on Fall Break from work this week and I was looking forward to a relaxing week at home with Ethan, but I guess that is going to have to wait.

Monday, I worked on the slideshow for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Service I have been planning with the help of some great people.  Both my desktop and my laptop were acting weird and being extrememly slow so it took basically all day!  At 5:00 Ethan and I decided to go to Somerset and watch some great ladies from the church practice something for Thursday .  It was beautiful!  I can't wait to see how everything comes together, but I am getting SO nervous!  After that, we went to the store to get milk and pink and blue ribbon.  Of course, we had to look at the fish while we were there!  We finally got out of there and went to get some dinner.  We don't usually eat fast food during the week, but Ethan had been so good, I got him a special dinner to eat...on the way home.  It was after 9:00 by the time we actually got in the door and then started the bedtime routine.

Tuesday was my first pregnancy appointment with my awesome high risk OB.  We got to Lexington early to do a little shopping and eat lunch before my early afternoon appointment.  The sonographer did the ultrasound and we got to watch the baby for around 15 minutes!  She really needed to measure the area on the back of the neck and baby was facing us.  So we got to watch it until it turned and she could get the right measurements.  Her words were, "Everything looks perfect!"  We got to see the Dr. and he gave us some advice to make my shots less painful.  He seemed as excited as we are that we are pregnant.  I just really love both my Docs!

Today is Wednesday.  I worked on cutting ribbon, melting the edges so they don't fray and pinning them this morning.  I got some more requests for the slideshow, so I worked on that this afternoon and have been working on adding music to the slideshow and getting the slides to show the right length of time.  I've also taken several breaks to read and play with Ethan.  I've got some laundry to finish and the dishwasher to take care of.  But, I have stayed at home all day!  That is a big accomplishment!

Thursday is the service at church.  I'm sure this day will busy.  I've still got lots to do to get ready for the service.  I really hope that hearts are touched and connections are made.

Friday, I hope to have plans with a friend (and old roomate) for a girls afternoon.  She is due in early November with her 2nd and we just never get to see each other.  I'm really hoping it works out!  It is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day of Remembrance, so I will be wearing my pink and blue ribbon and lighting a candle at 7:00pm. 

Saturday is kind of up in the air.  Maybe I can try to rest a little.  Although I am really hoping to do something as a family this weekend.  We usually do go on a little trip as a family, but I just don't think it is going to happen this year :( 

Sunday I will be spending time with my Grandmother and a couple cousins and aunt and uncle.  My uncle and I share the same birthday and my Grandma usually tries to do something for us.  I love spending time with my extended family so much. 

Next week is even busier!  Maybe I can get some rest on Saturday!

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shineliketheSon said...

Wow that is a busy week! I hope you will post the slide show if possible, I bet it's beautiful. I hold brokenhearted love for many moms who have lost a child and have your blog linked to mine so other moms who experience this loss can also find a closer relationship with God through their loss and grief. I just wanted to say I will be thinking of your Shyla and praying for you as I light my candle tomorrow.