Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 6

First of all, don't forget to enter the giveaway!  Even if you have already read the book, you can enter and give it to a friend or I have an alternative book if the winner has already read I'll Hold you in Heaven.

Day 6- My Day

Today was my average Wednesday.  It doesn't make for thrilling reading material, but here goes.

Up around 5:30.  Get ready.  Drop Ethan off at my Mom's and to work by 7:00. 

The school I work at is doing a March of Dimes fundraiser and I spent the day off and on in the Elementary collecting the coin boxes and seeing teachers.  I also spent my day with a few high school students who just needed to talk.  Also handled some other sensative issues (can't be too specific due to confidentiality).  I got busy with a student and missed taking Ethan to storytime.  He loves our Wednesday dates at the Library...actually I think I was more disappointed than he was that we missed this week.  After work I spent some time at my Grandmothers house and my Mom's house until Ben got off work. My lovely hubby cooked supper while I did puzzles with Ethan to make up for canceling our date.  Dinner was yummy and then I spent some time working on stuff for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Service I am planning for next week.  I got Ethan in the tub and grabbed the laptop to read some of the blogs I follow and do this post! 
Hubby is getting Ethan out of the tub and it is now time for stories, devotion, and "what was your favorite part of today" routine...which IS actually my favorite part of the day.  I'll end the day with those shots I mentioned yesterday.  There is not a word to describe how thankful I am for this medication and at the same time how much I hate them.  No one told me they would be so painful :(  But it will all be worth it! :)  I don't want to sound ungrateful!

I honestly can't believe I have gone 6 days in a row...while working...and posted everyday!  Wow.  I usually only post this much when I'm off for holidays or summers.  I guess it is good motivation.

Thanks for all the great comments on the past few posts. 

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Jamie Aramini said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am excited to find yours. I love your design, super cute! I loved getting to read some of your story and hear about your faith. Great work!

Good luck with your 30 day challenge. I think I have blogged 30 days in a row maybe once, but it was exhausting!

God bless you!