Thursday, July 12, 2012


Cousins are friends you’re related to.  I grew up with four first cousins living fairly close.  Between my brothers and I and our cousins, my grandparents had 7 grandchildren.
As time went on, we all grew up, but some things never change…

We grow up, we get married, we have kids, but we are always cousins.  And our kids get to play together…

And even get a little silly.

I am so thankful for cousins.  And cousins kids.  And summertime.  When cousins get to play.

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Winnie said...

So nice to be close to your cousins. Mine all lived far away. I didn't miss the connection as I am one of 6 siblings, so our immediate family if large and when we got married and started having families, it just grew very large. Since we are so close, we are raising all the kids to be close cousins in this generation.