Monday, July 2, 2012

Hearing Him Pray

{I'm joining in for NaBloPoMo!  Read a little more about that HERE}

I was going to be light-hearted and write along with the NaBloPoMo prompt today, but I have something a on my heart and wanted to write it before I forget.

My sweet Grandma lost her little doggie yesterday.  She came home from church and he had passed away on her doorstep.  We were all heartbroken for her.  Bob was his name and he was technically my Grandpa's dog.  When my Grandpa passed away (five years ago this week) my Grandma took over care of that little dog.

We spent the afternoon at my Grandma's house and as we left Ethan gave her a big hug and asked her how she was feeling.  He wanted to see where Ben burried Bob and said he was a little sad for Grandma.

Then before bedtime lastnight, he asked if he could pray for Grandma.  He asked God to help Grandma not be lonely and to let her feel Him close.  He asked God to be with my aunt Pam (who lives next door to Grandma) not to be lonely too (my uncle Roger passed away in February).  He asked God to make them happy and show them that He loves them.  I'm already forgetting some of the precious words he uttered.

I can't count how many emotions I felt as I heard my little guy lift up those he loves.  He prayed with such heartfelt requests and squeezed my hand tight as he did.

Aside from all the wonderful gifts we get daily of seeing him learn and grow and play, how did I become so blessed to be able to witness little funny, happy, little boy try to become more like Jesus? 

 I am overwhelmed at my blessings when I hear him pray.

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