Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ten Years!

I had the opportunity to meet with a few of closest friends from college last week and it was so much fun catching up and looking through photos.  We had fondue, we laughed and talked about what we have been up to the past ten years since we met. 

Would you believe this silly group of girls made it where we are today?  An elementary teacher, two nurses, a chemist and myself (the Adoption Social Worker/Crisis Pregnancy Center Director/Homeschooling Mama).  I was the first to get married and have babies, but my old roomie is joining me as a mama in November (yay!!! SO happy for her!)




When I was looking back at the college age me, I couldn’t help but smile.




(Yes, I was in color guard…)


How could have God been preparing me then, for who I am now?  My life at 18 was band practice, theatre work study, working an off campus job, hanging out with friends, homework and fun. 




How was God using my experience in college?  Well, I know one way for sure…


He brought these ladies and I together.  Some of my biggest supporters, encouragers and friends….



They have sent cards, facebooked me, held adoption fundraisers, marched together, and shared our story with strangers.  It may have been several years since we have hugged each other, but we are only a phone call away. 


Isn’t it amazing to be able to glance back ten years and see what God was doing?  I can hardly imagine what I will look back on ten years from now!

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