Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm joining in with the writing flash mob today with Lisa-Jo and a bunch of other wonderful ladies.  Writing for 5 minutes and not worrying about editing or if it's right.Won't you join us?

Today's topic, Enough.


As I sit this morning catching up on some blog reading, I read a post by Kalina.  She and her family have moved to a country not their home to share the love of Jesus. 
They have no car. 
No air conditioning.
They walk two miles to town to get groceries and necessities. 
And I wonder if I am doing enough. 
Am I doing enough to share the love of Jesus?

I know you don't have to pack up and leave your home country, state, town (or even neighborhood) to meet people who need love and need to know what Jesus did for us.  But if asked, would I be willing to?

I think the answer is yes.  Then I pause.  "Really?" I think. I'm pretty spoiled with modern amenities like air conditioning and yes even the luxury of being able to buy my groceries at a store and not have to carry them home.  And then I choke a little when I think of what we just paid for the combo of fixing our a/c in our van...

I step away from the computer and pour my second cup of coffee.  I begin to feel unsettled.  I think about the amazing experience her children are having.  It's more than Sunday School and memorizing scripture and VBS (not that there is anything wrong with those things).  Her children are watching their parents live out the love of Christ.  More than that, they are living it out loud WITH their parents.

What a concept.

Now my thought is not, "Am I doing enough?" it is, "How can I do more and how can I allow my child to do more for the Kingdom as well?"

I think I feel some additions to his homeschool curriculum this year...



Jennifer said...

Hi Mattie,
So great to meet you! I often whisper these questions to myself and quickly discard them. It's hard to do serious self-reflection, isn't it? I pray that you will find peace, strength, and courage to do the things God may whisper to your heart.

1 of the Creekside Team said...

... am I too much or never enough or or or ...

Is He sufficient, is He plenty, is He good.

Blessings as you model that He is enough for your children!


Sherry Reese said...

I love this idea of writing your thoughts and reflections every week. From what I have read so far, I think you have been a very "giving" woman and a wonderful example of selflessness to your son. I think we all need work and are probably a little to attached to the modern comforts, but we are human and not perfect. I just didn't want you to be too hard on yourself and forget what you have done for Him. I'll pray that God continues to work through you to show His love!