Thursday, July 19, 2012



I do my daily Bible reading before Ethan gets up in the morning.  This year, I’m reading the Bible through chronologically.  Last year, I read the Bible in 90 days.  I love my morning reading and coffee time.  It’s so peaceful and I feel so accomplished actually getting something done so early in the morning.  I can tell a HUGE difference in how smoothly my day goes when I read the Word first thing in the morning.


I love these quite mornings.  Unless they just happen to be one that is not so peaceful.


Like one morning when I could have sworn I was hearing a mouse.  We have lived in this house almost 5 years and have never seen any sign of mice here.  But there was one morning while reading in Chronicles I kept hearing “scratch, scratch, scratch”. 


I was a bit freaked out.  It seemed to be coming from our fireplace.  My mind wondered and I thought maybe something fell down our chimney or a snake crawled through the area we clean the ashes out from under the fireplace.  I could hardly finish reading. 


Finally, I had enough and grabbed a flashlight.  I looked around the fireplace and didn’t see anything.  But I could tell I was getting closer because the sound got louder.  Then I glanced down in a piece of Turkish pottery that I have set on the fireplace and saw this (big) little guy…


He was trying to crawl up the side of the inside of the pottery and would fall back down and make the scratchy noise as he was trying to turn over and keep crawling.


I still have no idea what kind of bug this is.  The closest thing we could come up with is an old house borer, but there are still some distinct differences.


And you better believe I showed it to Ethan.  And we might have even kept it in the pottery (on the back porch) to show Ben when he got home from work.


Isn’t it funny how the little distractions can take the most away from our day and our quite times.  Sometimes it’s our never-ending to do list that drowns out His words. Sometimes its tiredness or just “lack of time”. 


Sometimes it’s a creepy little bug.


joye said...

This made me giggle :) ...which was nice, because I just spent the past 20 minutes reading through your family's story and following all the different links. Shew! The tears...

While I've not lost a child, I can relate to so much of what you've written. We are bonded by babies with broken hearts. Thank you for sharing your precious family with us, and for your honesty through it all.

Holly said...

def a big bug!! lol I totally need to start reading my bible. I've wanted to read it every day but I always forget. sounds bad, I know, but I get so distracted by other things. I need a routine!