Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NaBloPoMo July. Lessons learned.

Yes I did!  I really did it.  I actually posted everyday for an entire month!  Whew!  And, I actually learned a few things along the way...

#1 There is a reason I don't normally post everyday.  That's because I'm boring.  And I get a little distracted by other things in blogland.

#2 I have really deep things to say, but posting everyday keeps me from saying them.  Just to get the days post up, I sacrifice quality for quantitity.  So, unless I just need the distraction, I probably wont do another NaBloPoMo. 

#3 I love writing prompts.  BUT, I rarely to never follow them.  I get off on a mental bunny trail and write about something different.

#4 There is a fine line between over sharing and still being interesting.

#5 A person can waste WAY too much time reading about people they have never or will never meet. 

#6 The more I post, the less I comment :(

#7 Expect much less posting around here...school starts next week!!!

#8 I'm afraid to talk politics.

#9 Not discussing what is considered "politics" leaves out some of my core beliefs.

#10 I really, really wish we could read into each other's tone of voice in blogdom.

#11 Linky parties are fun.

#12 I love comments.

#13 I'm a tad bit embarassed by how much a simple blog comment can make me smile.

#14  I want to learn more about photography.  Again. 

#15 I can't believe I've just posted 15 things I've learned from NaBloPoMo.  Well, 14 really. 

Anyway...Kindergarten here we come!!!  Look for more posts about homeschooling and adoption around here.  I think I've found my niche.  Let's just hope I can remember to photograph said niche :)

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