Sunday, July 8, 2012

Psalm 20:4


The more I'm in the Word and the more I realize about the truths in it, I realize the only desire of my heart should be more like Jesus.  The more like Jesus I become, the other desires begin to be fulfilled without me even asking yet.  Not only does God give you the desires of your heart, he places them in your heart to begin with. 

Success isn't measured by a peice of paper with some initials on it, but how God will view your life at the end of it.  If my plans are His plans, then they will succeed!

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Child of God said...

Your scripture goes along with what I posted. :) God's ways are above and beyond ours. His thoughts are not ours and for this I am very glad.


Sherrey said...

Beautiful way to start my Sunday. Visiting from Freshly Brewed Sundays. said...


Thank you for this nugget of Truth...just last night I re-committed to making time for Him each and ever day because I am simply not ME without HIM in my heart, leading and guiding.

Heather T. Imagery said...

So true. Beautiful photo. Throughout my walk with Him, I've always asked the He would place the desire in my heart for all that He has planned in my life ♥

BARBIE said...

Thank you for linking up today. Your scripture in your header is exactly what I posted today! His Word allows me to guard my heart. Looking forward to getting to know you more!

caryjo said...

Yes. Very good insight. Wisdom. Thank you.

Caroline said...

So true & beautiful <3